How to report adverse events following immunisation (AEFIs)

Adverse events following immunisation (AEFIs) are taken very seriously in South Africa. Vaccinated people are therefore encouraged to report any adverse event that is of concern to them. Anyone experiencing a severe adverse event or an adverse event getting worse and not subsiding within 2-3 days, should immediately seek help at the nearest healthcare facility i.e. clinic, hospital or general practitioner. Reporting an AEFI can be done through any of the following:

The Med Safety App is a mobile application, available for Android and iOS devices, and developed to engage both patients and healthcare providers in the safety monitoring of medicines and vaccines. The App is designed to simplify and promote the reporting of suspected adverse drug reactions (ADRs) for medicines, and adverse events following immunisation (AEFIs) for vaccines, by both the public and by healthcare providers. The App also allows the public and healthcare providers to learn about medicine safety news from SAHPRA, thereby creating an awareness and understanding of the potential adverse events of medicines and vaccines.


If you are unable to report an AEFI via the Med Safety App, then please visit your nearest clinic or the healthcare facility.


Call the COVID-19 hotline on 0800 029 999. Select option 3 to report AEFIs.